AAA Home C‚Äčenter

"Make it a great day!" ~STEVE cOMBS



We are striving to provide a clean and safe store for our customers daily. We are taking extra cleaning measures throughout the day everyday. We want to ensure your safety as well as our staff's safety. We have increased cleaning frequency throughout the day . We are sanitizing door handles, sales. counters, credit card machines, and other common areas in the store. 


For our In-Home Deliveries and In-Home Technician Service Calls, our staff is also taking extra measures as well to prevent any unintentional spread of this illness. They are sanitizing before leaving the store , as well as, washings hands before and after deliveries. Please do not be alarmed if you are asked about having fever or illness 24 hours prior to your delivery or service call. This is just a precaution to protect everyone. If you have been sick we will reschedule for another day. The health of our staff and our customers is top priority to us. 


We have so many phone calls daily to see if our showroom is still open. As of 03/31/2020 we are still open to the public. Monday - Friday 8:45 am-7 pm and Saturday 8:45 am- 6 pm. We do ask to please stay home if you are sick. If you do come in to shop please use our hand sanitizer provided at the sales counter upon entry of the building. If all of us work together to take extra precautionary measures then we will be able to serve you throughout this trying time. 

Thank you so much for business. We look forward to serving you. 

Remember " MAKE IT A GREAT DAY"  S.C.